Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bouchra Jarrar | Bouchra Jarrar Fall Couture 2012-13 | Paris Fall 2012 Couture

Though Couture is often known for its groundbreaking role in fashion, there are a few designers, like Bouchra Jarrar, who prefer to stick with structured basics. The simplicity of her clean, classic looks bely the complicated care that goes into their creation. This season, Jarrar embraced straightforward femininity in a way that she has not done before. Her normally oversized silhouette was streamlined, made to fit to the body in a more flattering way. Her unique spin on workwear means this is a collection that women will be keen to scoop up.Runway pictures of Bouchra Jarrar at Couture Fall 2012

What makes Bouchra Jarrar’s collections so appealing is that they look real. Yes haute couture is about creating dream worthy dresses, many of which will only see the light of day on a red carpet, which take you into another world created out of cloth by the designer. But what Jarrar does is craft ensembles that will have no less impact when they are worn, they will just do it with an urban grace that makes the haute couture dream feel like a reality.
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